Andrew Bennetts

Hereford-based Inspire Wealth Solutions is owned and operated by Andrew Bennetts, an independent financial planner and advisor with over 30 years’ experience in personal and corporate financial services.

Hereford born and bred, Andrew Bennetts is a familiar figure locally having previously been with Barclays for seven years and Lloyds for nine, largely helping local businesses build financial security.

This drive to help local businesses continues. While Inspire Wealth Solutions has clients across the country, the vast majority are in Herefordshire so it is very much a local company, serving local businesses.

Andrew has a track record of building long term relationships with clients by fully engaging with them to understand their business and short, medium and long term financial goals and aspirations. 'Being able to grasp the business objectives is vital clearly, and comes from experience amassed over thirty years with clients from all types of industry and markets,' he says.

His role essentially is managing the investment portfolio, ensuring clients have the right pension, business protection and overall financial planning to meet their business needs and goals now and in the future. ‘Ongoing attention to detail is imperative,’ Andrew says. ‘Constantly reviewing and adjusting individual plans to meet changing market conditions is fundamental to astute financial planning. It’s about treating every client as an individual and having the flexibility to continually tailor their investments to keep pace with their changing needs and offset fluctuations in wider financial markets.’

He relishes the freedom of being entirely independent and able to select products and services from the myriad available in the market. ‘The advantages of being truly independent cannot be underestimated,’ he says. ‘Again it means every client is treated individually as we’re able to thoroughly research the whole market to find the best solutions to suits their needs, rather than trying to make a something fit.’

Directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bennetts fully embraces its purpose, principles, and code of conduct. ‘It’s vitally important to maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the integrity of the financial services industry and so build trust,’ he says. ‘Compliance with FCA regulations is a “stamp of approval” that gives clients the security and peace of mind that they have received sound advice and have the most appropriate products for their needs.’

The only constant in financial services is change, especially changes in legislation around pensions and tax, so a large chunk of Andrew Bennetts’s time is spent attending seminars to keep abreast of new rules and regulations. This is another example of his genuine commitment to ensuring the advice being offered is always current and always accurate.